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Cetacean Research Technology carries a selection of hydrophone systems that work well for whalewatching. The following range from recreational to commercial.

Model SQ26-VR-Xmini

The SQ26-VR-Xmini is a portable and very easy-to-use hydrophone system that consists of the SQ26-VR hydrophone and our own custom X-mini high fidelity speaker . This system is ideal for listening to whales and dolphins from small boats or kayaks. The SQ26-VR-Xmini includes a headphone/line output and is our most economical system.

Model SQ26-H1

The portable SQ26-H1 is the most compact underwater recording system that exists. The system includes the Sensor Technology SQ26-08 hydrophone, the Zoom H1 solid state digital recorder, an 8GB microSD flash memory card, a 12V USB power adapter to power the Zoom H1 from your boat's battery, a custom, high fidelity mini speaker, and a waterproof Pelican case with custom anti-static foam to protect the system. One of the cool things about this underwater recording system is that the hydrophone is powered by the Zoom H1's plug-in power microphone jack more»

Model CR1-TX15

The CR1-TX15 is a good entry level system for commercial whale watch operations. It includes the excellent, multi-purpose Cetacean Research CR1 hydrophone and the Crate TX-15 amplifier.

Model CR1-UDP

Due to its rugged construction and clear audio quality, the CR1-UDP is the recommended hydrophone system for commercial whale watching operators who have a sound system with an auxiliary input on their vessel (if not see the CR1-XP40i). This system is powered by a single 9V battery, or optional external power supply, and it can be connected directly to the vessels sound system. The system includes the excellent, multi-purpose Cetacean Research CR1 hydrophone; and the USB Dual Pre, a full-featured, high quality dual portable preamplifier and computer interface.

Model CR1-XP40i

The CR1-XP40i is the CR1-UDP with the addition of the XP40i portable, amplified speaker. It is recommended for commercial whale watch operators. The CR-XP40i includes the excellent, multi-purpose Cetacean Research CR1 hydrophone, a USB Dual Pre preamplifier and computer interface, and the XP40i all-in one portable sound system with excellent sound.

Model C55-XP40i

For those who want the very best hydrophone system for whale watching, the C55-XP40i is the system used by National Geographic Explorer / Lindblad Expeditions. The Cetacean ResearchC55 hydrophone is a preamplified, cylindrical hydrophones designed for the detection of infrasonic, audible, and ultrasonic sounds.

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