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The Cetacean Research model CR1 hydrophone is an excellent multi-purpose hydrophone. Various uses are detection & recording of very loud signals, listening & recording of quieter sounds like cetaceans, whale watching operations, and terrestrial applications.

  • This non-preamplified hydrophone is ideal for the detection and recording of very loud signals; such as those from pile driving, air guns, or underwater demolition operations.
  • In addition, the CR1 can be used with an external preamplifier (such as the ART USB Dual Pre) for recording and listening to the quieter sounds of cetaceans and other underwater sources.
  • The CR1 also serves very well as a robust hydrophone for whale watching operations when used directly with the XP40i battery powered portable amplifier.
  • Terrestrial applications for the CR1 include vibration detection and using it as a geophone.

The hydrophone comes with an extra tough polyurethane-jacketed coaxial cable. The cables can be terminated with either BNC or mono phone plug connectors. All CR1 hydrophones are individually spot calibrated at the factory.

  • Cetacean Research™ CR1 hydrophone

    closeup of the C1 hydrophone

  • CR1 hydrophone and cable

    The Cetacean Research™ CR1 is an excellent multi-purpose hydrophone.

  • CR1 hydrophone frequency response

    plot of Cetacean Research™ CR1 Hydrophone Frequency Response

  • CR1 hydrophone beam pattern

    Cetacean Research™ CR1 Hydrophone Beam Pattern


Linear Frequency Range (±3dB) [kHz] 0.0002 to 48
Useable Frequency Range (+3/-12dB) [kHz] 0.00005 to 68
Transducer Sensitivity [dB, re 1V/µPa] -198
Preamplifier Gain [dB] N/A
SPL Equiv. Self Noise at 1kHz [dB, re 1µPa/√Hz] 38 (< Sea State Zero)
Power Requirement [Vdc] N/A
RMS Overload Acoustic Pressure [dB, re 1µPa] N/A
Maximum Operating Depth [m] 100
Operating Temperature Range [ºC] -25 to 60‡
Capacitance [nF] 10
Dimensions [mm] 73 L x 32 dia
Coaxial Cable Length [m] 15
Cable terminated with male BNC connector
(longer cable optional)
Directionality omnidirectional below 10kHz

Battery / Connector box

power not required

Requires a preamplifier with 100MOhms input impedance, such as the Reson VP1000 (PDF) or Reson VP2000 (PDF) preamplifiers. If a preamplifier with 1MOhms input impedance is used, such as thePC200 (PDF), then the low frequency -3dB point will be at 16Hz instead of 0.2Hz and the -20dB point will be at 2Hz instead of 0.02Hz.

CR1 hydrophones are individually spot calibrated at the factory; calibration guaranteed between -5ºC and 30ºC.

ART Dual Pre - click to view enlargement
Reson VP2000 preamplifier - click to view PDF specs in new window
Reson VP1000 preamplifier - click to view PDF specs in new window
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