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Underwater and Bioacoustics Instrumentation & Consultation

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acclaim- letters of recommendation from Cetacean Research Technology customers
acoustics primer
suggested reading / related links / humpback whales in Hawaii
orcas in Dyes Inlet
sperm whales from Crittercam (sound only)
recordings of Springer and her family
striped dolphins in the Mediterreanean
Raccoons in the Pool (electronic only) - artist: Joseph Waters
compare humpback whale calls, SQ26-MT & competition
brochure - Cetacean Research Technology tri-fold brochure (PDF format, opens in new window)
buy Cetacean Research Technology products
company profile of Cetacean Research Technology
consulting for underwater sound, underwater noise level & underwater sound analysis
Acoustimetrics / b-probe / Whale Museum
contact Cetacean Research Technology
copyright notice & terms of use / privacy policy
new products
frequently asked questions
hydrophone product specifications sheet (PDF format, opens in new window)
hydrophones - Cetacean Research™ hydrophones - all models
Cetacean Research™ CR1 hydrophone
Cetacean Research™ CR2 hydrophone
Cetacean Research™ CR3 hydrophone
Cetacean Research™ C55 series hydrophones: C55, C55RS, C55X
Cetacean Research™ C56 hydrophones
Cetacean Research™ C75 hydrophone
Cetacean Research™ C305 & C305X hydrophones
hydrophones - Sensor Technology hydrophones - all models
Sensor Technology SQ26-VR Hydrophone
  Sensor Technology SQ26-01 Hydrophone
Sensor Technology SQ26-08 Hydrophone
hydrophone systems for underwater noise measurement
hydrophone systems for underwater sound recording
Autonomous Underwater Recording Systems
nRUDAR ™ product photo
µRUDAR ™ product photo / µRUDAR ™ w ruler / µRUDAR ™ with model
mRUDAR ™ product photo        
RUDAR ™ deployed / RUDAR ™ drawing    
Acoustimetrics Acousonde™ 3B
Acousonde™ 3B and the 'bio-duck' sound  
Computer Based Underwater Recording Systems
Portable Underwater Recording Systems
hydrophone systems for whale watching and underwater sound exploration
SSO3-TX15 system product photo / SSO3-MD system product photo
pro audio accessories
  Applied Research & Technology ART Dual Pre preamplifier and computer interface
  Crate TX-15 portable battery powered amplifier
Edirol UA-25 anti-aliasing frequency response plot
  Fostex FR-2LE compact flash recorder
  Grace Design Lunatec V3 preamplifier
  Hydrophone Protection Cage and Noise Reducer
  rugged, waterproof Pelican Cases
  Tascam US 144mkll 24-bit/96kHz USB interface
  Tascam DR-680 6-channel portable recorder
  Tascam HS-P82 8-channel portable recorder
  XP40i portable amplified speaker
  X-mini II custom high fidelity speaker
  Speakers, Bluetooth Speaker systems for Cetacean Research Technology hydrophones
  Zoom H1 recorder
signal analysis tools
underwater sound analysis software
interface hardware
Sound Technology SoundSeries ST191-DSA sound-data acquisition system USB computer interface product photo
    Sound Technology SoundSeries ST192-MIC professional audio-acoustic USB computer interface product photo
    Sound Technology SoundSeries ST1219-DAQ professional audio-acoustic USB computer interface product photo
    Sound Technology SoundScape ST-400 embedded Linux mobile data recorder
    Sound Technology SoundScape ST-400 Web-enabled user interface
    Sound Technology ST1400ENV mobile data recorder and sound level monitor
suction cups & GelRelease™ suction cups for cetacean research
electrode cup / eye cup / saddle cup / wheel cup

discontinued products
Cetacean Research™ C304 series hydrophones
Cetacean Research™ C10 hydrophone
C10 cable photo / C10 product photo
    C10-AC whale watching system product photo
Cetacean Research™ C13 hydrophone
C13 cable photo / C13 product photo / C13 frequency response
Cetacean Research™ C54xr & C54xrs hydrophones
C54 cable photo / C54 product photo / C54xr 212 plot / C54xrs 266 plot
Sensor Technology SS03-10 Sea-Phone Hydrophone

discontinued accessories
Edirol R-1 brochure (PDF)
Edirol R-4 brochure (PDF)
Fender Mini Deluxe amplifier
Fostex FR-2 24bit/192kHz Compact Flash Recorder
Grace Design Model 101 preamplifier
M-Audio MicroTrack II solid state compact flash recorder
Tascam US-122 specifications (PDF)
Tascam US-122L specifications (PDF)

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